We invite you to the world of magic and adventure
«Dharma is every breath we take, every thought we think, every word we say, if we do it with awareness and an open, caring heart.»

MAN of Starlight group

of love in the heart
on the sunny island of Bali
This is a family, the purpose of which is to unite people living in their hearts.
The main propaganda of our community is love.

What is
community man of starlight?

Our priorities

«The killing and eating of animals occurs, most importantly, because people have convinced that animals are intended by God for the use of people and that there is nothing wrong in killing animals. But this is not true. In whatever books it is written that it is not a sin to kill animals, in the hearts of all of us it is written more clearly that the animal should be pitied just like a person, and we all know this if we do not drown out our conscience.»

ⓒ Lev Tolstoy
We are categorical and do not welcome the infliction of pain and killing of a living being.
We are against the use of any substances that poison the body such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Our path is the path of purity. The purer our heart, the brighter the light burns in it. We are also categorical and against any shamanic rituals with the use of psychedelic substances. Your main shaman is inside you and the key to it is purity and love.

Your body is your temple, take care of it.

Our activities and goals

We help people to realize their inner love of the heart, through communication and care in our retreat tours, healthy food, exciting adventures that the sunny island of Bali presents.

We also unite people and partners who want to be involved in this story...

Your inner peace, purity, sincere joy and compassion for all living beings is the key to your source of love.
«By healing the hearts of others, you heal your own heart.»

ⓒ Neil Donald Walsh
Our projects
We invite you to the world of magic.
Lightness, confidence, inspiration are manifested here, a flow of ideas, energy and creativity opens up. People open up, find their purpose, begin to follow their true path.
We invite you to the world of adventure.
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This is a cozy place for connoisseurs of healthy, vegan and vegetarian cuisine and anyone who loves original, healthy and exotic dishes.

Every morning, we gather for prayer, to cook with love. We use only natural and healthy products to improve the health of your body and spirit.
We offer you real rest and relaxation, which will help you forget about everyday worries and problems and remember the real you. We understand that every guest is unique, so our team is ready to help you achieve maximum comfort and relaxation.

Relax your mind and body at our spa in Bali.
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